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"Hey guys! I've got the door open!"
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Colonial Marshal Bureau
Sevastopol Station


Deceased as of 2137


Garcia was a member of the Colonial Marshal Bureau on Sevastopol Station. He was part of Waits' team who were trying to hunt down and kill a Xenomorph that had made it's way on board the station in 2137. He was eventually killed by the Drone.


After the Xenomorph found it's way onto the station and started wreaking havoc, Waits and his team were attempting to hunt down the Alien through the station and kill it. Eventually their hunt had led them to the station's engineering section where they had come across two dead bodies and a locked door. Whilst Waits and Turner were bickering, Garcia called out to the group that he had unlocked the door. After opening it, the Alien emerges from the other side of the doorway and Headbites him.


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