"Goddamn it, we came so close!"
Garber (from Predator 2)

Garber was a member of the OWLF team operating in Los Angeles in 1997, led by Peter Keyes. Garber was Keyes' second-in-command and oversaw the actual operation to capture the City Hunter in an L.A. slaughterhouse from the team's command trailer.

Garber was one of only a few OWLF operative who survived the disastrous Los Angeles mission.


Explaining the situation

Garber was typically seen at Keyes' side, enforcing his superior's will and assisting him in any way he could. When Detective Lieutenant Mike Harrigan was captured by the OWLF, Garber helped to explain exactly what they were dealing with, in particular discussing the City Hunter's Cloak and how it rendered the Predator largely invisible to human sight and electronic scanning.

Taking command

When Keyes elected to personally lead the team to capture the City Hunter, Garber assumed overall command of the operation, running the mission from the OWLF's command trailer outside the slaughterhouse where the trap had been set. However, when the Predator attacked the capture team, Garber rapidly lost control, unable to issue commands or assist in any way. Harrigan subsequently escaped custody and attempted to help Keyes and his men, although ultimately he failed to save any of them.


Garber later tracked Harrigan down after he had killed the City Hunter and the rest of the Los Angeles hunting party had left the city aboard their Mother Ship. He furiously confronted the detective over the fact he had killed the very creature they were attempting to capture, although before he could act further, Garber and the rest of the surviving OWLF personnel were forced to flee in the face of arriving police backup.

Personality and Traits

"Who the hell are you, Keyes?"
"The last person in the world you wanna fuck with."
Harrigan and Garber (from Predator 2)
Garber was a typical lackey, fiercely loyal to his master but somewhat lacking in ideas or initiative of his own. He was always quick to back up his superior, but when placed in a position of command during the operation to capture the City Hunter he proved unable to maintain control when things started to go wrong, a factor that no doubt played a part in the loss of Keyes and the rest of the capture team.


Garber armed himself with a Mossberg 500 Bullpup shotgun when confronting Harrigan after the Los Angeles hunting party left the city.


  • Garber actor Adam Baldwin went on to achieve fame as the rough future mercenary Jayne Cobb on the popular science fiction series Firefly and its spin-off film Serenity. Firefly was created by Joss Whedon, who was the original screenwriter on Alien Resurrection.
  • Baldwin was originally supposed to reprise his role as Garber in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. However, when he was unable to commit, the part was rewritten as Colonel Stevens.[2]



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