Gamma Leporis (γ Lep, γ Leporis) is a star in the Outer Rim,[1] located at a distance of about 29 light-years from Earth. Gamma Leporis lies in the south central part of the constellation Lepus, southeast of Beta Leporis and southwest of Delta Leporis. It has a common proper motion companion, AK Leporis, which is a variable star of the BY Draconis type.[2] The star is a member of the Ursa Major Moving Group.[3]

This star is larger than the Sun with 1.2 times the radius of the Sun and 1.3 times the Sun's mass.[3] Based upon its stellar characteristics and distance from Earth, Gamma Leporis is considered a high-priority target for NASA's Terrestrial Planet Finder mission.


Six weeks after the USS Sulaco journeyed to Acheron (LV-426), the ship was declared overdue and search was underway. It wasn't long before it was located adrift near Gamma Leporis in the Outer Rim.[1]


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