Funan the Hunter[1] was an ancient tribal chief[1] who lived in what is today Cambodia.


Around 2000 BC, Funan and his fellow tribesmen Fan Shih, Pol Shih and Jawa were hunting a wild pig in the jungle surrounding a sacred pyramid, treading upon ground normally avoided by their tribe, except during the time of sacrifice when young men and women were offered up to the gods. Just as Funan and the others prepared to make the killing strike, the pig fled from them and the group was attacked by Xenomorphs. Funan fled as the others were slaughtered, but was cornered by a lone Xenomorph in a clearing. Just as the Alien prepared to kill him, it was attacked by a Predator, and the two creatures battled to the death as Funan watched in stunned silence.


During the hunt in the jungle, Funan armed himself with a wooden spear, tipped with a blade formed of chipped obsidian.[1]





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