The Fugitive Predator[1] is a Yautja present in the film The Predator. It is the rival of the enhanced Ultimate Predator.



Fugitive was a capable Yautja, easily killing dozens of Project Stargazer's onsite security personnel both with and without his equipment. He was not above utilising his species' natural weapons in a confrontation - when unarmed he was observed using his mandibles to bite into the arm of a scientist attempting to restrain him; shortly after, he attacked a guard via sharp bone spurs which appeared to emerge from the tops of his forearms, before dealing a killing blow with a swipe of his claws.

Fugitive also seemed to possess a sense of humor, or at the very least a basic understanding of human culture; he uses a dead man's severed arm to create a thumb's up gesture in order to deceive the driver of the truck he was stowing away on. Despite his slaughter of numerous humans, his mission was apparently to deliver a weapon to humans so that they could fend off a presumed Yautja invasion in the near future.

It is likely, however, that Fugitive's actions were due to both self-preservation instinct and the desperate need to relocate his ship to protect the cargo. Whilst he was caught before achieving his goals, Fugitive fearlessly engaged the much larger and stronger Ultimate Predator in combat, however, he was vastly outmatched and was killed relatively quickly.

List of Known Victims


Behind the Scenes


  • The motivation behind Fugitive Predator's mission to deliver the Predator Killer to humans is questionable when taking into account established canon; the Yautja race strictly forbid their members to allow any piece of their technology to fall into the hands of intelligent species. This warrior's namesake status however, may give some explanation as to why he is willing to break such a sacrosanct rule.
  • Reshooting and rewriting of The Predator's third act may explain Fugitive's erratic behaviour in the final cut of the film; it can be assumed that the original motivation for Fugitive's actions was removed due to omission of several plot elements and characters present in the original cut.


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