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"What the hell are we supposed to use, man? Harsh language?"
―Pvt. Frost (from Aliens)
Ricco "Frosty" Frost
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K.I.A.[1] as of June, 2179.[2]

Portrayed by

Ricco Ross (main)
Clive Curtis (stunts)[3]


Private First Class Ricco Frost,[4] nicknamed "Frosty",[1] was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps, part of 2nd Battalion Bravo Team, part of 2nd Battalion Bravo Team.[5] He was a member of the combat unit deployed to LV-426 aboard the USS Sulaco in 2179, to investigate the sudden loss of contact with the colony of Hadley's Hope. He subsequently perished as a result of the Xenomorph infestation at the colony.

Frost was part of Second Squad's rifle team, along with Corporal Dietrich.[1] He was killed by friendly fire inside the Hive when Dietrich accidentally set him alight with her flamethrower.


Mission to LV-426Edit

"I guess she didn't like the cornbread, either..."
Frost, in response to Ripley's outburst towards Bishop (from Aliens)
Frost with Pulse Rifle

Frost readying a Pulse Rifle.

Frost spent breakfast aboard the Sulaco reminiscing about past operations with his fellow Marines, particularly one deployment when the group engaged in relations with a group of Arcturians; unfortunately for Hicks, the one he ended up with was male. Before being briefed on the mission by Lieutenant Gorman, Frost and Corporal Dietrich took the time to practice their hand-to-hand combat skills. After the briefing, Frost readied and checked the team's Pulse Rifles.

Once on the ground, Frost and the rest of Second Squad cleared the upper floors of the central administration building. It was Frost who picked up Newt on the squad's motion tracker, handed to him while Hicks was investigating the live Facehugger specimens found in the med lab. When the colonists were traced, via their PDTs, to the nearby Atmosphere Processing Plant, Frost was given the duty of driving the section's APC as Bishop was busy studying the Facehugger specimens in the medical center.

Processor ambushEdit

"I got signals. I got readings in front and behind!"
"Where, man? I don't see shit."
Hudson and Frost, as the Xenomorphs advance in the Hive (from Aliens)

Once inside the Atmosphere Processor, the Marines stumbled into the Xenomorph Hive, Frost pointing out the oppressive heat present. Shortly after, the squad was informed by Gorman that they couldn't risk using their Pulse Rifles or Smartguns, and ordered all ammunition for the former confiscated. Frost's anger at having the section's primary source of firepower taken away was compounded when he was given the duty of carrying the caseless Pulse Rifle rounds.

Curtis Stunt

Frost falls to his death.

When the Marines discovered the dead colonists and witnessed Mary succumb to the Chestburster within her, Sergeant Apone requisitioned Frost's flamethrower to assist Dietrich in torching the creature before it could escape. The dying Chestburster's screeches woke the Hive, and the Marines soon found themselves surrounded by advancing Warriors. Almost immediately, Dietrich was taken and dragged away; Frost raised his sidearm to try and kill the creature responsible, but before he could fire a single shot Dietrich accidentally ignited him with her Incinerator. Completely aflame, Frost's flailing caused him to tumble over a railing within the Hive, plummeting to his death several floors below. The bag containing the Pulse Rifle ammunition, also aflame and dropped in the chaos, subsequently exploded, the blast killing Private Crowe.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"I hate this job."
Frost, waking up aboard the Sulaco (from Aliens)

As with many of the other troops, Frost had a degree of disdain for his job, often complaining that he hated being a Marine. He also seemed to be something of a pessimist, condemning the mission to Hadley's Hope as a disaster before the Marines had even landed on the ground (something he apparently did on every combat drop). For better or worse, Frost was quick to question orders or information he considered suspect, such as when Gorman used the nondescript term "Xenomorph" to describe what the Marines may be facing at Hadley's Hope, or when the Lieutenant ordered the unit to disarm itself within the Hive.

However, despite these traits, Frost was a natural joker, always quick to make light of serious situations with a wisecrack. Judging by his nickname — Frosty — and his nonchalant attitude when he detected the movement that turned out to be Newt, he was also cool under fire.


Frost with VP70

Frost with his VP70.

Frost was outfitted with standard issue M3 Pattern Personal Armor and an M10 Pattern Ballistic Helmet for protection, and a TNR Shoulder Lamp attachment for illumination. His armor's chest plate featured a white heart emblazoned with the name Heath (short for Heather) being pierced by an arrow[6][7] and his armor's left shoulder was customized with a sticker or piece of tape with "When in doubt, "NUKE EM"" written in red.[6] He also wore a watch on his left wrist.

On LV-426, Frost was armed with an M240 Incinerator Unit, although this was requisitioned by Sergeant Apone inside the Hive, leaving Frost with only his Heckler & Koch VP70 for defense, which he kept in a fabric holster on his right hip.[8][9] Frost was also well trained in the use of the standard USCM M314 Motion Tracker and qualified to drive the M577 Armored Personnel Carrier.


Frost's T-shirt A2

A Replica of Frost's T-shirt sold at Amazon.

  • Frost's "PEACE THROUGH SUPERIOR FIREPOWER" T-shirt features the original M41A Pulse Rifle design from when the weapon was going to be based on the Heckler & Koch MP5.[11]
    • Replicas of the T-shirt (which are usually inaccurate in some way) are sold at numerous websites such as the Prop Store[12] and Amazon.[13]




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