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Francis Lane was a character in the Fire and Stone series, he was an astro-biologist dying of a disease and sought any means necessary to save himself, even at the expense of his friend Elden.

He is unwittingly responsible for major occurences of the tragedy as by infecting Elden, he caused the latter to unleash the Xenomorphs on the surviving crew members of the Onager.

Events of Fire and StoneEdit

Once the crew reaches LV-223, he and Eldon notice the effects of the accelerant and begins to believe that its the solution to his problem. They find a cave that was previously inhabited and it is here that Francis decides to test out the accelerant by using his android "friend" Elden as a test subject, Eldon mutates and becomes aggressive and begins chasing Francis. When he finally reunites with the crew after losing Elden, he explains what he did. In response the crew arrests Lane for his immoral actions.

Later on, Francis uses the Accelerant on himself and mutates as expected but retains his sense of self and rationality, this does not last however as the he begins to slowly die.


When Lane was first introduced, he was kind, humerous and was shown to have a fascination in his work. Despite these traits, it's revealed that he is very selfish and is capable of using people for his own personal gain, much like Carter Burke. This is seen when he forcefully convinces Elden to let him test out Chemical A0-3959X.91 - 15 on him in hopes of seeing if the substance could cure disease.


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