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"Fucking android!"
Aaron (from Alien3)
Francis Aaron
Francis "85" Aaron
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Prison Guard

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Sole remaining prison guard of the prison facility.


Deceased[1] as of July[2] 2179.

Portrayed by

Ralph Brown


Francis Aaron, nicknamed "85" (after his IQ), was a prison guard at the Fiorina "Fury" 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit. When the facility was officially closed down by Weyland-Yutani, Aaron stayed behind, along with warden Superintendent Andrews, to oversee the prisoners who wished to remain. He was involved in battling a lone Xenomorph that was born in the prison in 2179.

While ostensibly second in command at the prison, Aaron was woefully unqualified to lead in the wake of Andrews' death and was not well liked by the prisoners. Despite this, he actually survived the Xenomorph's rampage, only to be shot and killed by Weyland-Yutani commandos after assaulting Michael Weyland.


Arrival at FiorinaEdit

When he first arrived at the prison, the prisoners peeked at his personnel file and found that he only has an IQ of 85 - hence his nickname, "85."[3]

EEV Crash and RipleyEdit

Rumor Control

Aaron's supervisor, Harold Andrews.

Andrews' DeathEdit

Before Aaron died he tried taking charge after Andrews' death, but the prisoners didn't allow it. They elected to have Dillon be the leader, who chose not to lead and appointed Ripley. In many parts of the movie he gets into heated arguments with Ripley and Morse. Aaron, having faith in Weyland-Yutani, states his belief that they'll take the survivors away to safety; Ripley rebuts, saying that they'd probably kill them just for having seen the creature. He argues with Morse and other prisoners simply because of his IQ and saying "At least I'm smart enough not to have a life sentence on this rock!"

Discovering the truthEdit

Ripley demands that he sends the rescue ship away, but he refuses, wanting to go home. In time he helps Ripley scan herself to find that she has a Queen inside of her, inadvertently informing Weyland-Yutani that she has one inside of her, causing them to move faster to claim her. Back at the monitors, Weyland-Yutani leaves a message that the ship will be there to pick Ripley up in a matter of hours since everything on the planet goes to them they found out about the Alien and the CAT Scan. He then understands that they do not care but just want Ripley and the Alien. While the other prisoners try to kill the Alien, he stays pent up in his office. It's assumed that in there he loses all faith in Weyland-Yutani.

Confrontation and deathEdit

I am not a droid

Michael Weyland after being assaulted by Aaron.

When the "rescue team" arrives and tried to convince Ripley to come with them, she refuses, and goes with Morse on the platform. Morse was then shot in the leg by one of the soldiers. As Michael Weyland was trying to convince Ripley and the others that it was a mistake, Aaron took a wrench and slammed it on the side of Bishop's head, nearly severing his ear. Aaron was then shoved away by a Weyland-Yutani trooper, and then shot by another causing him to fall off the catwalk and down onto the deck and left to die. He is last seen gasping for air on the floor.

Personality and TraitsEdit

In spite of being an (initially) loyal company employee, Aaron is still a fundamentally decent (if naive and simple) man. He showed genuine compassion and sympathy for Ripley when both found the latter being condemned by the embryo inside her. He refused to comply in tricking the Company into not investigating Fury-161 not out of malice, but merely that he wishes to live to see his wife and child again, and sincerely admits he is fond of Ripley as a person; to which she responds with a sad smile of appreciation.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Alternate deathsEdit

The way in which Aaron died changed numerous times throughout the production as the script was constantly rewritten. Originally, the final confrontation with the Xenomorph took place in a glass works, not a lead foundry, and Aaron was killed when the Runner fell into a vat of molten glass, dragging him with it.[4] Later, Aaron was given the role of Dillon (who was already dead in this script draft) inside the lead works, ultimately staying behind to hold the creature in the mold while Ripley escaped. Additionally, an alternate draft of the final shooting script had the Weyland-Yutani commandos shoot Aaron down when they arrived at the prison, as soon as he tells Weyland that he had seen the Alien.[4]




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