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Mutated Predator, Four Arms




The Four-Armed Predator was a massive, mutant Predator with four-arms that was dropped off on the Game Preserve planet planet some time after the events of the film Predators.


The Four-Armed Predator was a much larger and more powerful version of the predator species, he also possessed two extra arms, hence the name though it is unclear if this a natural predator trait or a modification or mutation. He also appears to have Digigrade-esque legs instead of Plantigrade. Aside from his arms, legs, and stature, he appears to resemble a normal Predator.

Hunting Tools

In Predators: Preserve the Game

The Four-Armed Predator was deployed to face off against Royce and Izzy, the two-remaining Game Preserve-residents who had survived for months after the events of the film. It was specifically sent to face off against Royce, who assumed that he had been deemed a champion by the observing Predators due to his having defeated any other opponents dropped off on the world in his time there. Royce had also been gifted with human-specific Predator-armor to indicate this designation. The Four-Armed Predator was sent down as, perhaps, a final test of his abilities. Working together, Royce and Izzy were able to defeat the massively powerful creature.


  • Kenner Products created an unreleased action figure of a Predator with four arms.


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