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"The surface of Fiorina was as barren as its sky, a riot of gray-black stone scoured by howling winds. A few twisted, contorted growths clung to protected hollows in the rock. Driving rain agitated the surface of dank, cold pools."
Alien3 novelization, chapter 1
Fiorina "Fury" 161

Outer Veil


Neroid Sector[1]




Rampant insect life


Fiorina "Fury" 161 (variously: Fiorina 161: [Fury],[2] Fiorina 161,[2] Fury 161[3] or Fury-161[4]) is a barren, windswept world in the Neroid Sector,[1] orbiting around a binary star system. The planet's exact location is held secret by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation for security reasons. Its position can be estimated to 19.5 light years from Earth, hardly outside the border of the Galactic Nucleus.

Terrain and ClimateEdit

Fiorina 161 experiences extreme temperatures which range between +100°C in daylight to –40°C at night. The planet's atmosphere is breathable to humans, and it possess ample liquid surface water in the form of large oceans. However, these water bodies are acidic in nature.[5]


Fiorina is home to several indigenous species, although none of these lifeforms are particularly advanced. Several species of fish live in the planet's oceans,[5] while the land masses support a genus of slow, primitive ground-dwelling animal.[6] By far the most widespread organisms on the planet are its swarms of insects (some of which are carnivorous and can even threaten humans under certain circumstances). There is a particular problem with tiny parasitic arthropods that feed voraciously on the keratin in hair (but curiously not fingernails), and as a result all human inhabitants are forced to continually shave their heads and bodies.[7]


Fiorina 161 was only known for its two establishments, an industrial lead smelting works and a Double-Y chromosome work correctional facility, both owned by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

The Fiorina 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit (reg. 12037154) at one point maintained thousands of Double-Y Chromosome maximum risk prisoners but in 2179 supported twenty-two inmates and three custodians. The Correctional Unit on Fiorina 161 maintained an active lead works prior to the dissolution of its prisoner population. The compound is almost ten square miles in diameter, with around 600 active and inactive ventilation ducts.


In 2179, Ellen Ripley and the other survivors of Hadley's Hope (excluding Corporal Dwayne Hicks) were jettisoned from the USS Sulaco in a Type 337 EEV after a Facehugger caused an electrical fire in the hypersleep compartment. The EEV subsequently crash landed on Fiorina 161, killing both Newt and Turk (mistaken for Hicks' corpse) except Ripley, who was taken to the nearby prison facility, and Bishop, who was damaged further and placed in a scrap heap by the prisoners on the colony.

A Facehugger emerged from the ruins of the EEV and impregnates the prison's dog, Spike. Later, the bodies of Newt and Turk were thrown in the inferno and the Xenomorph embryo violently emerges from Spike and begins to mature within the correctional facility's ventilation ducts. The Alien begins a killing spree in the correctional facility, causing mass hysteria. Ripley rallies the inmates and proposes they pour highly flammable toxic waste, which is stored at the facility, into the ventilation system and ignite it to flush out the creature. An explosion is caused by the Runner's premature intervention, resulting in several deaths.

The remaining survivors later form a plan to lure it into the foundry's molding facility and drown it in molten lead. The bait-and-chase style plan results in the death of Dillon and all the remaining prisoners, except for Morse, who pours the liquefied lead into the mold, hoping to kill the four-legged monster. However, The Alien barely escape from the mold, now covered in molten metal, but is killed by Ripley when Morse tells her to turn on the fire sprinklers and sprays the beast with water, causing its exoskeleton to cool rapidly and shatter via thermal shock.

A Weyland-Yutani "rescue team" arrived on Fiorina 161 aboard the Patna after the company was contacted by Francis Aaron regarding the presence of the Xenomorph, personally accompanied by Michael Weyland. Michael tries to convince Ripley to surrender so that they can extract the Queen embryo inside within her, but Ripley refuses as she does not trust Michael, she steps back and climbs onto the mobile platform. One of PMC's open fire and shoots Morse in the leg while Aaron attacks Michael with his wrench before Commandos kills him. Ripley helps Morse to move the platform over the furnace before she chooses to sacrifice herself to destroy the Queen Chestburster in order to keep the company from getting their hands on it by throwing herself into one of the furnaces. At that moment, Ripley's sacrifice was witnessed by the presumed dead Corporal Hicks and Samwell Stone. Hicks and Stone are captured and Robert Morse was presumably relocated and Weyland-Yutani terminated the prison's contract. The remaining functional lead works apparatus was scrapped and the Fiorina 161 Correctional Unit was closed for an indefinite period.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The large miniature that portrayed the colossal furnaces on the surface of Fiorina was built by Boss Film Studios,[8] while the huge cranes (seen most clearly in the extended Assembly Cut of Alien3) were designed by Norman Reynolds.[9] The appearance of the cranes was based on the constructivist architecture typical of communist-era Russia.[9]





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