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"It was an incomprehensibly loathsome miasma that raped ones soul through the lungs."
―Church, describing the stench of the hive.

A Xenomorph dragging the crew to the hive.

The Farmed Hive was put in place by Xenomorph Farmers and accidentally encountered by Paul Church and his crew aboard the Incunabulum.



A Xenomorph feeding church

This hive was established on a off-limits planet by Xenomorph farmers. However, it lacked a queen, leading to the aliens being sickly and weak. They were strong enough to abduct humans, however, and tried to propagate their nest anyway. Roughly a month and a half after capturing Church and his crew, the hive and everything in it, dies, save Church himself, who manages to escape.

The Breeding Pens

Likely on account of lacking a queen, these aliens behaved different than other ones. They began fighting over and accidentally killed a potential host, despite having brought her back presumably for impregnation. They killed a Synthetic, when usually ignore non-organic beings. They are shown feeding their hosts the pre-chewed remains of other deceased host, something Xenomorphs have never been shown doing elsewhere as host are typically used in short order for impregnation.


This hive also had a breeding chamber, where some unseen process is done to female victims, which causes them to deliver Chestbursters the same way a human would naturally deliver a baby.


Church drinking the strange liquid

There was a strange pool full of tadpole-like creatures and reeking green liquid, which the xenomorphs forced its quarry to drink. It is unclear what this liquid does to anyone who ingests it, however submerging a person in it could cause death. However, such a death may be due to something as simple as drowning, and not the unique qualities of the liquid itself.


  • It is unclear if the abnormal Xenomorph behavior was caused by the lack of a queen or the poor state of the aliens.
  • This is the first time in which Xenomorphs have been seen breeding their hosts, instead of breeding inside of their hosts.
  • Two substances grew in this hive, those being a Medicinal Secretion made by the aliens and a Black Mold that killed them (and their medicine).