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Class-D Crew Escape Module
Production information

Weyland Corp

Technical specifications
Engine Power
  • Four bottom engines
  • Four rear-maneuvering thrust engines
Sensor Systems

Automatic medium-range navigation and landing


50 years worth decontaminated oxygen


Luxury evacuation vehicle




Weyland Corp
commercial use

The Lifeboat was another evacuation vehicle developed by Weyland Corp for the purpose of secure detachment from a Weyland vessel.


In the film, Vickers' luxury suite aboard the USCSS Prometheus was a lifeboat, which stored a holographic background screen, a small bar, and a medpod, as well as a piano and a crystal chandelier. Shaw used it to have her offspring removed at one point in the film. Later, when Vickers escaped the Prometheus, her lifeboat detached from a panel on the ship, and crashed on the surface of LV-223. Afterwards, Shaw went back for equipment, armed with a hatchet. She was attacked by the last Engineer before setting her offspring on it, whom subdued the Engineer. Later, an alien creature was born.


Exclusively designed for FTL crafts of a suitable size, this emergency sustaining pod is an embedded safety module comprised of 7 luxury-appointed rooms, complete with independent navigation and piloting controls. Reclaiming decontamination system allows one occupant 50 years of breathable air with or without hypersleep.


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