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"We're on the Europa for the foreseeable future."
Davis One to Pvt. Hendricks (from Aliens: Defiance)
Production information

Mass hauler

Technical specifications



The Europa was a cargo hauler owned by the Seegson Corporation.[1] The vessel's crew was slaughtered by Xenomorphs and the ship was left drifting in space, whereupon it was claimed for salvage by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. It was subsequently hijacked by the synthetic Davis One and Private First Class Zula Hendricks when they discovered the company's plans for the Xenomorph species.


In 2137, the derelict Europa approached Earth and was immediately claimed for salvage by Weyland-Yutani. A team of Davis corporate security drones were sent aboard to effect this salvage, accompanied by Colonial Marines Private Hendricks, assigned to the squad as a result of the military's jurisdiction in lunar space. The team was directed to transfer data from the ship's mainframe to Tranquillity Base, but upon investigating the files Hendricks and the lead Davis unit, Davis One, discovered that the crew had been exposed to the Xenomorph. The creatures promptly attacked the new arrivals, and during the ensuing chaos, eight of the synthetics were destroyed before the infestation could be destroyed.

Realising Weyland-Yutani intended to procure Xenomorph specimens from the Europa and possessing several leads on where the creatures originated within the ship's files, Hendricks and Davis One elected to hijack the vessel and go in search of the Xenomorph scourge, hoping to find and destroy them before Weyland-Yutani could get their hands on them. The ship's first destination was the remote science station LV-44-40.

Commandeering CrewEdit


  • The Europa continues the tradition of giving spacecraft in the Alien franchise names that reference Joseph Conrad. However, in this instance the name refers not to his literary works, but to a real-life iron steamer that Conrad served on before becoming an author.




  1. Brian Wood (writer), Tristan Jones (illustrator). Aliens: Defiance #1 (2016), Dark Horse Comics.

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