"These guys make the Partridge-Family Temple look like Methodists."
―Foreman to the Chief (from Aliens: Elder Gods)

The Esoteric Brotherhood of Tulitu was a mystic sect, active during the late-tewntieth century, that claimed the mid-twentieth century horror writer Horace Loveless as their prophet, and Tulitu as their Elder God.

Their belief was that Tulitu, who lay dreaming in the lost city of R'lek, would reawaken when the stars were right and be reborn into the mortal world to deliver an amount of death and destruction never before loosed upon the sons of Adam.

In the year 2099, the Esoterics, who were 52 men strong at this point, had been contracted to work for Omni-Tech on Mira Ceti 4 as miners. It was during an unwelcomed quarry detail that they unearthed what they believed to be "...the crypt of Tulitu." What they had actually uncovered was a fossilized Xenomorph Queen and its well-preserved Hive.

Upon their discovery, High Priest Lumley delivered a sermon to his brotherhood from within the Hive as each man sacrificed himself to a Facehugger, revealing themselves as a true Xenomorph cult. Each member of the cult returned to the Omnit-Tech outpost with Xenomorphs incubating in their chests and Ovomorphs hidden in their cargo. The esoterics strategically placed the Eggs in and around the outpost under the cover of night before succumbing to the Chestbursters inside each and every one of them, as part of their ritualistic suicide. It took less than three days for the Xenomorphs to overrun the entire outpost.

It took four years for the nearest Omni-Tech cruiser to reach the colony. When it arrived, they found the horribly mutilated remains of 104 colonists, but there were no clues as to the remains of the other 428. After consulting with the colony manifest, it was revealed that all 52 members of the Esoteric Brotherhood of Tulitu were amongst the known dead.


  • High Priest Lumley
  • Brother Ramsey
  • Brother Ashton
  • Brother Colin
  • Brother Clark
  • Brother Blake
  • (46 other unnamed members)

Behind the scenes

The fictional prophet "Horace Loveless" is based upon American horror fantasy wirter H. P. Lovecraft while the fictional Elder God "Tulitu" is based on the "Cthulu Mythos" created by Lovecraft.