Escape is an objective multiplayer game mode in Aliens: Colonial Marines. Escape consists of up to four heavily armed Colonial Marines attempting to progress through a linear level with the goal of escaping the map with a 15 minute time limit while up to four Xenomorphs attempt to kill all the Marines and stop them from escaping. After the 15 minute time limit has been reached, or after the Marines escape, players switch sides and roles. The team that came closest to escaping during their turn as the Marines is declared the winner. Originally there were only two unique maps to play Escape on, Flushed Out and Emergency Evac, but DLCs later added more.

On the way out, Marines must perform small objectives to open up the next area of the map. Each objective takes around 15 seconds (give or take) to open the next area.


When playing as a Xenomorph it is best to try and separate the group of Marines, killing any stragglers. Also try to form cohesive ambush when Marines are forced to stop and complete an objective.