Episode 22 is a 2017 short story written by Larry Correia, published by Titan Books as part of the anthology Aliens: Bug Hunt. It is an episode from the documentary television series Saga of the Weapon, focussing on the iconic M41A Pulse Rifle.


Rather than a traditional story, Episode 22 serves as a transcript of an episode from a fictional documentary television series named Saga of the Weapon, which details the design and development of important weapons in human history. This particular episode, from season 1 of the show, focuses on the M41A Pulse Rifle.

The main body of the text serves as a form of narration detailing the development and history of the weapon, from its initial inception by Jonathan LaForce to its introduction as the M41 and subsequent upgrade to the M41A. The text is intercut with relevant quotes from various individuals who either worked on or have used the rifle in action.