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Enoch Nakai
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United States Army

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Fought and killed Predator with one arm




Enoch Nakai was a former Corporal in the United States Army, under the direct command of Colonel Trench and Major Amblin, until he was honorably discharged after a close encounter with a Predator in New Mexico.

Nakai later makes a return appearance in the comic series Predator: Hunters in which he is recruited by Jaya Soames to join a special ops team dedicated to hunting down Predators.


In 1991, he fought Predators at the Cole Army Base in Cibola County, New Mexico. When this close encounter left him no choice but to abandon post, disobey direct orders, and trespass in restricted areas to keep the Predators at bay, Enoch was honorably discharged on the condition that he tell no one about what happened.

In 1994, Enoch's grandfather shares a story and evidence that Enoch's great-grandfather also witnessed a Predator attack 75 years earlier. Nakai was later offered a job working for the government tracking the Predators by a mysterious, blonde, mustached agent with the Defense Department, calling himself John Smith (who could possibly be Peter J. Keyes or "Blondie"). When Enoch found out that the feds were mostly interested in the monsters' gear, he declined their offer to join the hunt.

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Nakai as he appears in Predator: Hunters.

In 2017, Enoch was recruited by a group of Predator hunters who had their own run-ins with Predators in the past and went on a lethal expedition to hunt Predators on an isolated island in the South Pacific.


Having a Native American ethnicity of Navajo descent, Nakai was constantly surrounded by racist and derogatory remarks made by his peers. This was something Nakai had to put up with from his childhood all the way to life in the military, and it frustrated him greatly. Despite this, he still remained a relatively composed and humble individual, though this dropped when provoked or drunk. He also harbored a rebellious side to him, happily disobeying orders if he felt it was necessary, as well as being a bit of a drinker.

Several years later, Enoch had become more solemn, being more prone to sarcastic quips and witty comebacks, though he was still just as easily angered by racist comments as before.


  • Nakai is one of only two Predator comic characters to appear as a lead in more than one Predator story, the other being Detective Schaefer from the original Predator mini-series.