The Emma moored in the bay at Razorback Point Whaling Station on October 10, 1904.

The Emma was a three-masted Norwegian whaling ship captained by Bjorn Nyberg until his death in 1903. Following Bjorn's death, his younger brother Sven took command of the ship for the ill-fated 1904 season, on which the vessel's entire crew were killed during a Yautja initiation hunt on Bouvetøya.


Bjorn Nyberg captained the Emma for 19 successful years, and following his death in 1903 his brother Sven took over, intending to continue the whaling vessel's career. At the start of the 1904 season, Sven sailed the Emma for Razorback Point Whaling Station on Bouvetøya with a full complement of sailors, harpooners, boats and oil processing equipment, which was enough to slaughter whales and extract their oil for a full year before returning to Norway in 1905.[1]

The result, after a year, was an incredibly successful hunt, with the Emma towing over 300 carcasses into the cove at Bouvet Island.[2] As was usual during the whaling season, the ship became frozen in the ice in the bay, trapping the crew at Razorback Point until the spring thaw released the vessel and allowed them to return home.[3] However, before this could happen a conflict between Xenomorph and Yautja broke out in Razorback Point on October 10, resulting in the death of all of its inhabitants.

The exact fate of the Emma is not clear, although the ship was not present when, on October 10, 2004, a Weyland Industries expedition arrived at Razorback Point to investigate a pyramid detected under the island. It is highly probable disrepair or storm damage caused the ship to sink in the intervening years.


Former crew

Behind the scenes

The Emma doesn't appear at all in the theatrical cut of Alien vs. Predator. It only appears very briefly during the establishing shot of Razorback Point in 1904 in the film's Unrated Edition. Not named in any cut of the film, its name comes from the film's novelization.



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