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Elway is a minor character Alien: Sea of Sorrows, the only significant events surrounding Elways is that he unwittingly allows Weyland-Yutani to have another specimen due to being Facehugged.

His ultimate fate remains unclear as he is put into cryogenic stasis along with Adams with the facehuggers still attached but embryos already implanted into their respective hosts.

In Predator: incursion, it is mentioned by the Synthetic Liliya that the current infestation aboard the USS Evelyn-Tew came from samples taken from LV-178 indicating that either the embryo was surgically removed which is unlikely, or that Weyland-Yutani allowed the parasite to hatch from Elway, killing him


  • Despite the fact Alan Decker considers himself to be moral, he had no regard for Elway's life.

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