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"I don't know what you are or where you came from, but thank you. I've been harboring a lot of rage lately, and now I get to let it out."
―Elden to a Yautja after being shot
Biographical information

Hive Monarch (formerly)

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Male Presenting


Roughly 7'

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Elden was a synthetic construct part of Captain Angela Foster's salvage crew sent to recover the wreck of the USCSS Prometheus on LV-223 in 2219. However, when crew discovered the wreck of the Onager, they were attacked by Xenomorphs.



Elden bests a Predator

Originally a machine, Elden has taken on a humanoid form and looks as if he's been stripped of most cutaneous material. He is done all over in white and reddish tones, with two tube-like tendrils protruding from his back. He is able to withstand a blast from a Plasmacaster without flinching and then regenerate the damaged flesh seconds afterward. He can also twist his skin into body parts, turning the flesh of his stomach into jaws with which he bit one Predator with.

Physically, he is arguably stronger than a Yautja. He has some control over the Xenomorphs and vaguely reflects their skeletal visage. The tendrils on his back turn out, later, to be an immature extra set of arms.


Elden fled to a "mountain" with his "friend", Francis Lane, where Lane injected Elden with Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15. Elden reacted violently to the injection and began mutating.

Enraged at Lane, Elden began chasing him, but later returned to the Helios, letting Xenomorphs onboard, which seemingly became loyal to him or least tolerated his presense for the time being. Elden took command of the ship and contacted Galgo, who was aboard the Perses, to give Lane to him. Galgo complied, but they were interrupted by a Yautja attack, allowing Lane to escape. Eventually, Elden found Lane, but he injected himself with the Accelerant, mutating him as well. After Elden and Lane teamed up to fight a mutated Yautja, Lane began dying from cancer, which had mutated with him. After his death, Elden placed his "ashes" in a small cube.

Elden later returned to LV-223 when the Helios crash-landed on the planet's surface. He accompanied Foster, Galgo and Ahab on their journey to the "mountain", but they discovered that it was actually a living being. Inside, they became trapped in a "tunnel" with the walls closing in around them, but Elden sacrificed himself by merging with a wall, opening a small passage to allow the other to escape.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Elden was a helpful individual and trustful to people to a fault, as he allowed his friend Francis to use him as a test subject for accelerant, causing a tragic chain of events. After becoming infected and mutating something similar to an Engineer, Elden became more aggressive and violent, going on a rampage and allowing Xenomorphs to kill off survivors. He later calms down and begins to become helpful once again and aids Angela and the rest of her crew.

After mutating, Elden experiences a period of intense rage which quickly turns into an inquisitive introspection on the nature of life, death, emotions, meaning, violence and other such topics.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Elden continues the tradition in the Alien franchise of giving Synthetic characters names that begin with subsequent letters in the alphabet — Ash in Alien, Bishop in Aliens, Call in Alien Resurrection, David in Prometheus and Elden in Fire and Stone (A-B-C-D-E). He is also possibly named after the character Eldon Tyrell from Blade Runner, which was directed by Alien director Ridley Scott.



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