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Eddie Morales
Eddie Morales
Biographical information

Flag of United States American



Physical description




Hair color


Eye color



Gunnison County Police Department


Deceased[1] as of October 2004[2]

Portrayed by

John Ortiz


Sheriff Eddie Morales was a member of the Gunnison County Sheriff's Office and the town sheriff in Gunnison, Colorado. In 2004, he became involved in the Xenomorph outbreak that ultimately led to the destruction of the town.

Morales was killed, along with many other survivors, when Colonel Stevens elected to destroy Gunnison with a tactical nuclear strike rather than risk the infestation spreading.


He greeted Dallas Howard when he returned to Gunnison, but also showed a small grudge towards him at some times. He was with Dallas when the Xenomorphs started to spread throughout the town, and met up with Dallas' brother Ricky and his friends after they asked for help. He later joined a group of survivors waiting for a rescue, and tried to persuade the others to join them at the airlift point. He died when the nuclear device was dropped on the town and along with the other survivors, Wolf, any remaining Xenomorphs, and the Predalien.


Sheriff Morales carried a 2nd Generation Glock 17 as his law enforcement sidearm. In his Chevy Suburban, Morales kept a Remington 870 with extended magazine tube, heat shield, and SureFire forend as his patrol shotgun, which he used against Xenomorphs later in the infestation.




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