Eastern Columbian Building

The Eastern Columbia Building's distinctive clock tower.

The Eastern Columbia Building, also known as the Eastern Columbia Lofts, is a thirteen-story Art Deco skyscraper located in Downtown Los Angeles. The building is known for its bright "melting turquoise" terra cotta tiles and distinctive four-sided clock tower, emblazoned with the word "EASTERN" in bright white neon on each face of the clock.

In 1997, the City Hunter scaled the Eastern Columbia Building after taking the skull of Detective Jerry Lambert, presenting the trophy to the world and attracting a bolt of lighting from the sky with its Combistick.


  • In the original script for Predator 2, which was set in New York City, the building scaled by the City Hunter was supposed to be the Chrysler Building.[1] Notably, both sky scrapers share a distinctive Art Deco design.



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