E. Winters was a survivor aboard Sevastopol Station.

Three audio logs are recorded by Winters.


Winter's first audio log recorded has her describe her experiences with a group of survivors that were locked in an area located in the Lorenz SysTech Spire - the doors were sealed shut but the vents were still open, allowing the Drone to pick them off one by one. She compared the whole thing to "a fox dropping into a hen-house."

She narrowed down her choices as to where she could go; either with another group of survivors who still had faith in Marshal Waits killing the creature, or with Sinclair and his gang. She predicted that neither of them would last a week.

In her second audio log, recorded on Dec 10th, it is revealed that she decided to go with the first group of people. Before doing so, she tried to discourage fellow survivor Bertram into joining Sinclair and his "idiot men", but her efforts were futile. Winters later decided to move on as she realized that the group she joined were eventually giving into fear and turning on each other.

Her final audio log, recorded the day Amanda Ripley arrived on Sevastopol, reveals that in a last ditch effort, she went to Sinclair's group whilst they were sealing themselves in in hopes of them sheltering her. The group refused and shut the door on her face with Winters initially expecting them to open fire. Regardless of them sparing her life, Winters realized she did not have long to live after hearing noises from the floors below. She also heard the voices of children on the other side of the door whom, despite the outcome, wished that Sinclair and his men would protect.





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