"I've seen the creature, what is it?"
"I dunno, something brought here by Marlow, the captain of the Anesidora."
Ripley and Waits, regarding the Drone (from Alien: Isolation)

A Xenomorph Drone was born on board Sevastopol Station in 2137 after Catherine Foster, a crew member of the Anesidora, was attacked by a Facehugger and brought to the station for medical treatment. A Drone was later born on the station which began terrorizing the halls of Sevastopol and killed most of its personnel. It was eventually killed when it fell into KG-348's atmosphere aboard a science module jettisoned from Sevastopol by Amanda Ripley.


As an Egg

The Drone began its life as one of the many Ovomorphs aboard a derelict Engineer spacecraft on Acheron, a moon orbiting the gas giant Calpamos in Zeta2 Reticuli. At some point, the spacecraft crashed on Acheron under unclear circumstances, while at around the same time the vessel's Pilot was apparently impregnated by a Facehugger. Before dying, the Pilot set up a warning beacon to deter any other lifeforms from investigating.


"Since that... thing appeared on Sevastopol, my team and I had been struggling to keep order."
Waits, regarding the Drone (from Alien: Isolation (comic))

In 2137, the Anesidora investigated what they believed to be a "distress signal" coming from the derelict ship (much like the Nostromo before it). When Catherine Foster got too close to an Ovomorph, a Facehugger emerged and latched onto Foster's face. Foster was taken back to the Anesidora where the Facehugger eventually detached after completing its implantation process. She was later placed in stasis and brought to Sevastopol Station. After being seen to by Dr. Lingard, the Chestburster inside Foster erupted from her chest, killing her. At some point a Xenomorph began an infestation aboard Sevastopol. Its appearance on the station caused panic, and Colonial Marshal Waits and his team struggled to keep order aboard the station.

Eventually, a Hive was established in the depths of the station, where hosts were then taken to.


"Harris? Turner? Get back here now. We have a track, somewhere in engineering."
Waits, to Harris and Turner (from Alien: Isolation)
Drone killing Garcia

The Drone killing Garcia.

At some point, the Xenomorph was spotted in engineering, and Waits and the last of his men — Turner, Garcia and Harris — went to investigate. The team discovered two corpses and a locked door. When Garcia opened the door, he was quickly Headbitten by the Drone. Harris then charged at the Xenomorph, but the Drone quickly impaled him with its tail. Waits and Turner forced it back through the doorway using their shotguns, and closed the door. The Drone then moved above the two using the vents above them. Turned, not wanting to suffer the same fate as his colleagues, aimed his shotgun toward the vents, but before he could fire a single round at the Drone, it knocked out a grate above him, catching him off-guard. It dropped down and landed on Turner, disarming and seizing him before returning to the vents with him. It can be assumed that Turner was taken the Hive afterward, where he was impregnated with a Chestburster by a Facehugger, and killed when the creature inside him hatched.


In Habitation, survivor Clark heard movement ahead of him in the narrow hallway he was passing through, and so he decided to commit suicide with his last remaining .357 Revolver bullets to escape being killed - or worse, captured - by the Xenomorph. After putting the gun to his chin, he decided at the last second not to, and instead shot whatever was approaching him. However, he mistook Ross, a human, for the Drone, shooting him and seemingly killing him.

Clark broke down upon realizing he had just just shot another human. After hesitantly taking Ross's satchel of weaponry, Clark was about to enter Elevator C-3, but Ross wakes up, revealing he had survived being shot. He weakly asked Clark to help him, but the actual Xenomorph showed up behind Ross. With no weapons to defend himself due to Clark taking them when he previously thought he was dead, Ross begged Clark not to leave him at the mercy of the Drone, but a panicking Clark entered the elevator. Ross screamed as the doors closed, and was presumably either captured or killed by the Drone afterward.

Torrens crew arrival and death

Some time later, Diane Verlaine and her crew aboard the Torrens attempted to board Sevastopol station in search of the Nostromo's flight recorder. Amanda Ripley became separated from the crew and stranded on the station.

Ripley first encountered the Drone while traveling with a scavenger named Axel when the Xenomorph impaled Axel with its tail and pulled him into an air duct. Ripley managed to evade the Drone for some time until she met Dr. Kuhlman in the San Cristobal Medical Facility. Kuhlman asked Amanda to find a keycard from Dr. Morley's corpse in another area of San Cristobal. After retrieving the keycard, again evading the Drone along the way, Ripley returned to Kuhlman. However, when the doctor returned to his office to gather his supplies, he opened a door the Drone was behind. Kuhlman froze in terror, and was quickly seized and taken into the darkness of the other room and abducted while Ripley fled.

Ripley wandered into area of San Cristobal, where she had to avoid several armed survivors and find the passcode for a locked door. After she found the passcode, the Xenomorph dropped down from the vents and attacked the survivors, slaughtering all of them them despite their firepower. Ripley herself slipped away in the chaos, and managed to unlock the door using the passcode she'd found.

After she unlocked the door, Amanda walked into a large atrium. As she did so, the Drone suddenly dropped down from an overhead shaft. Ripley fell to the ground and crawled backward away from the Drone. Suddenly, the lights in the room switched on, and several timers began counting down. As the Drone approached Ripley, the timers in the room counted to zero, and simultaneously several explosives set up in the room detonated. The blast knocked Ripley unconscious while the Drone quickly fled into the vents to escape.

Some time afterward, Ripley awakened in the room, which was now on fire and collapsing in on itself. Ripley escaped by climbing a ladder, and eventually wound up in Seegson Synthetics.

Despite Amanda's survival, the creature also survived the blast and had caught up with Amanda and was now stalking her across Seegson Synthetics. While she was sneaking past a group of survivors including Francis, Peterson and a third unnamed survivor, she witnessed it drop from a vent and land on Peterson and the unnamed survivor, dragging them both aside and killing them, before turning to face Francis. Francis, frozen in fear, hesitates for a brief moment before firing a single shot at the Xenomorph as it immediately seizes him and takes him into the vents. After presumably taking Francis to the Hive, it returned to Seegson Synthetics to hunt for Amanda. The Drone came very close to catching Amanda, but she escapes by powering up the elevator and escaping on it.

After escaping the area via the elevator, she found herself in the Seegson Synthetics fluid plant, where she witnessed the Drone attacking another group of survivors. It grabbed one survivor and took him into the depths of the fluid plant, the other survivors firing their guns at it as it departed.

Ripley soon met Marshal Waits and Ricardo, who were arguing with Samuel about how they boarded Sevastopol despite Waits warning them not to. Waits reveals that he is the one who set up the up the explosives from earlier, in an attempt to kill the Xenomorph. Together, they organized a plan to trap the Drone in the Gemini Exoplanets Solutions module. Though their plan succeeded, Waits ejected the module from the station and it fell into the atmosphere with Ripley inside. However, she escaped the module via the airlock, while the Xenomorph was killed when the module burned up in KG-348's atmosphere.

List of Known Victims


'How to' Official Guide - The Alien US

'How to' Official Guide - The Alien US

In Alien: Isolation, with very few exceptions, the Drone's behavior and points of appearances are unscripted and dynamic. Following Axel's death near the beginning of the game, the Alien is "unleashed" on the player and is liable to drop from the vents at any time and begin hunting them. Certain actions on the player's part, such as making a loud noise will draw the Drone out to investigate. Noises made by other characters in the game will also attract the Drone — for example, a hostile NPC shooting at the player. Additionally, the Alien may simply appear randomly. The frequency with which the Alien typically appears depends on the set difficulty of the game, albeit the rate will increases as the game progresses whatever difficulty.

Once the Drone emerges from the vents, it will immediately begin actively hunting Amanda Ripley, including any other survivors in the area. If lured out by a loud noise, it will aggressively search for the source of that noise. The Drone cannot be killed, either by the player or other NPCs, and is virtually impervious to most weapons (most likely due to its scripted demise). If it encounters any humans, it will immediately attack and kill them. It is possible to hide from the Drone while it is searching, either inside lockers, under counters or behind objects in the environment, but once spotted the player very rarely has a chance to escape. The Drone will also learn from the player's behavior and adapt accordingly — for example, if the player frequently uses lockers to hide, the Drone will begin checking lockers more frequently and will often spot the player upon closer inspection, or if the player keeps using flares to distract it (or any other distraction device), the creature will soon become uninterested and ignore them.

The Drone's aggression can be used to the player's advantage if there are hostile survivors in the area; if the creature is lured to their location, it will attack them. However, the Alien will still view the player as a legitimate target, and will attack them as well if they present themselves as an opportune victim. The Drone will not attack synthetics and will completely ignore them, most likely due to the fact that they are inorganic and the Drone identifies the androids as mere machines. Similarly, synthetics will not react to the Drone's presence with anything other than mild curiosity (often stating things such as "unidentified species" or "what are you?").

Despite being impossible to kill, the Drone is susceptible to fire. The flamethrower will cause the creature to flee. However, as with all the player's actions, the Drone will learn through repetition and will become less averse to the flamethrower the more often it is used; for example, the Drone may simply pause when fired upon rather than fleeing to the vents, and if the player then does not have sufficient fuel for another shot, it will attack and kill them. The only other weapons that have a significant effect on the Drone are the Molotov and the pipe bomb, which will also cause it to retreat. A blast from the shotgun or Bolt gun will cause the Drone to flinch, but it will soon resume charging the player. Unlike in Aliens versus Predator 2, EMP mines have no effect on the Alien.

The Drone will play a unique animation when pointing the Flamethrower directly at it. The Drone will suddenly pause, shield its face, and growl at the player, as if comprehending the danger the Flamethrower poses to it. It will also walk much more slowly and will not screech if the player holds the Flamethrower at it. Putting away the Flamethrower in this scenario will prompt the Drone to dash at the player.

Death animations

When the Drone grabs Amanda or a survivor, it will gruesomely kill her/them in numerous ways. Unlike Working Joes where Amanda can escape from a Joe's grasp in a QTE, the Alien will immediately kill her regardless of how much health she has left.

  • The Drone grabs Amanda, slowly opens its mouth and Headbites her (Facing the Alien).
  • The Drone tackles Amanda to the ground. A short pause later, it slyly crawls over to Amanda's point of view and attacks her (Facing the Alien).
  • The Drone tackles Amanda to the ground. As Amanda lays, the Drone from an upturned perspective crawls over to her and headbites her (Facing the Alien).
  • The Drone impales Amanda with its tail. As she stumbles and kneels to the ground, the Alien's hand then slowly looms over her face. The screen then cuts to black as a ripping noise is heard (Facing away from the Alien).
  • The Drone trips Amanda to the ground and runs past her. It stops and looks at her from a distance and then lunges at her before the screen fades to black (Facing away from the Alien).
  • Amanda's legs are grabbed by the Drone and she trips onto the ground. As she claws at the floor, the Drone hauls her up-close. Amanda quietly whimpers as the Drone inspects her, before suddenly headbiting her (Facing away from the Alien).
  • The Drone peeks under and headbites Amanda (Hiding underneath furniture or debris).
  • The locker door is torn off. The Drone then attacks Amanda before the screen cuts to black (Hiding in a locker/rolling cabinet).
  • The cabinet door is torn off. Amanda first sees the Drone's feet step down from on-top of the small locker. After revealing itself it looks into the cabinet and attacks her (Hiding in a rolling cabinet).
  • The cabinet door is torn off and Amanda, half-way out, looks behind at the cabinet. Shortly afterwards, the Drone then peeks from behind it. Amanda desperately crawls out and looks behind one last time, the Drone gone. She then turns around and sees it in front of her as it attacks her (Hiding in a rolling cabinet).
  • Amanda is grabbed by the Drone. After a brief struggle, it pulls her out of the vent and attacks her (Attempting to enter a vent).
  • The Drone climbs over Amanda and headbites her (In a vent facing the Alien).
  • Amanda's legs are grabbed, and she is violently dragged through the vent before the screen cuts to black (In a vent facing away from the Alien).
  • Amanda looks up, with the Drone lunging out and pulling her into the shaft. The screen then cuts to black (Standing underneath a vent).
  • The Drone grabs the survivor and headbites them (Survivor).
  • The Drone leaps on to the survivor and headbites them (Survivor).
  • As Kuhlman opens a door, he is met with the Drone who grabs him and pulls him into the shadows of his office. (Only seen during scripted event in the medical facility with Kuhlman)
  • The Drone drops down on two survivors and drags them aside before killing them. It then turns to face the last survivor. After a brief pause, he fires a shot at the Drone as it immediately seizes him and takes him into the vent (Only seen during scripted event in Seegson Synthetics).
  • The Drone appears behind three survivors. As they are frozen in fear, the Alien swiftly grabs one, takes them from the balcony and into the depths of the fluid plant, the other survivors firing their guns at it (Only seen during scripted event in Seegson Synthetics).


  • Despite being just a Drone, it stands taller than they usually do, exceeding 7 feet and nearing a Praetorian in height.
  • Considering the revelation later in the game that there are in fact multiple Xenomorphs aboard Sevastopol, it is possible, even likely, that the creature encountered early in the game is in fact more than one individual, and the references made to "it" as a singular entity by survivors are simply mistaken.
  • The Drone's lack of aggression towards synthetics ties in with other Alien canon which postulates that although Xenomorphs are aware of androids, they do not appear to consider them 'alive' and are not typically aggressive towards them unless they pose a direct threat.
  • This Drone features a human skull under its smooth dome, something the original Alien (from Alien) also featured.
  • It features an odd green coloration and a seemingly drier and rougher texture under low lighting conditions, but appears the normal Xenomorph black under brighter lights and extremely low lighting conditions.
  • Unlike other Xenomorphs, this Drone, along with the others aboard Sevastopol, usually drags its tail behind it along the ground. The rare times it does raise its tail is when investigating a noise or pursuing the player. Regardless, touching the tail will immediately alert the Drone to the player's presence and cause it to attack.
  • Creative Assembly have stated that the Xenomorph's digitigrade legs were designed that way for animation purposes, because the original plantigrade leg design did not hold up very well during prolonged encounters with the player.
  • Excluding Catherine Foster, its presumed host, the Drone aboard Sevastopol claimed 12 known victims (including two unnamed survivors killed during scripted events). This would make it one of the deadliest known Xenomorphs in the franchise. However, it is strongly implied that the Drone killed far more than this off-screen, primarily before Amanda arrived on Sevastopol. It can also kill a variable number of NPCs while the player is progressing through the game's story, dependant on the situation. Considering Sevastopol's rough population of around 500 before the Xenomorph incident begins,[5] the Drone's potential number of claimed victims is staggering to speculate. These factors make it arguably the deadliest Xenomorph in the entire franchise, contending with, if not surpassing, the likes of the Dragon, Mozart and Specimen 6.
  • Coincidentally, the Drone can be thought of as a "sibling" to the Alien that earlier hunted Amanda Ripley's mother Ellen, due to the fact both creatures originated from the same batch of eggs.
  • The Alien's dorsal tubes can occasionally be seen vibrating when it stands still and is searching for the player. This may indicate they are some form of sensory organ.
  • With the news that there was in fact a Queen present, though unseen, the Drone may not have been the one to hatch from Foster, numerous signs point to this as well as there are chestburster victims in the same medical center as her body as well as in some vents, indicating that these victims were impregnated before a hive was established as all other victims are found there.
  • Although it is able to traverse the ventilation system of Sevastopol station, the Drone does not scale walls or ceilings when actively hunting. It may be due to it adapting to the environment and using the many automated doors aboard the station, or the result of it getting bold, as there is virtually no real threat to its' well-being. However, this is most likely simply due to the the developer's decision to exclude the feature due to gameplay mechanics.
  • While impossible to hurt the Xenomorph to any meaningful degree with the weapons the player has available, several firearms will cause the creature to bleed its signature acidic blood. This blood and its highly corrosive effects were originally to play a greater role in the game, but the idea was scrapped.
    • Additionally, the acid blood will not harm the player if they touch it.



Concept art


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