A Xenomorph Drone[note 1] participated in the destruction of the Super Predator Clan on LV-412.



The Drone was birthed after a Facehugger escaped its tube in a research facility and impregnated a scientist. The scientist later birthed a Chestburster. The Chestburster passed by several scientists, frightening them, before finding a hole in the floor of the facility and escaping into it.

The Living Weapon

The Chestburster later matured into a fully grown Xenomorph and exited its hiding place. The Drone began killing scientists within the facility and freed several Facehuggers before killing a group of Marines and combat androids. The Drone then freed two more Drones and encountered more Marines, scientists, combat androids and also soldiers armed with shotguns and a shielded synthetic. After dealing with the groups and freeing three more Drones, the Drone saw the Warrior Predator through a window.

Alien instincts

The call of the Hive began to guide the Drone deeper into the Weyland-Yutani compound. Proceeding through the base, the Drone encountered a couple of Marines, soldiers with shotguns, a combat android and a scientist. After slaughtering all of them, the Drone escaped into a vent, and after emerging from it, killed a couple more Marines and a couple more combat androids. The Drone then encountered an elevator shaft. However, the elevator was at the other end and broken. The Drone instead climbed the wall of the shaft and exited into a vent in the wall. Exiting the vent outside into the compound service areas, the Drone was quickly spotted and attacked by a UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship guarding the area. Avoiding the Dropship's chain gun and missiles, the Drone arrived in a small area where the Alien was forced to battle more troops. After slaughtering the group, the Drone was again attacked by the Dropship, but managed to escape into the base. Arriving in another broken elevator shaft, the Drone climbed the wall to reach the top of the shaft, proceeding through a large hole in the wall of the shaft. The Drone then escaped into a large fan in the floor.


The fan led the Drone deep into the sewer system underneath the base. Proceeding through the sewers, the Drone quickly encountered a UA 571-C Automated Sentry Gun which the Alien managed to pass. Rounding a corner, the Drone was confronted by a pair of combat androids and two more sentry guns located at the end of a hall. The Drone used a vent to avoid the sentry guns and proceeded through a door, onto a platform above a room where the creature was quickly attacked by a Marine, two combat androids and a soldier with a shotgun. After killing them, the Drone climbed a wall to descend to the room below, which was guarded by four sentry guns. After escaping the room, the Drone continued through the sewers, entering a room where the Alien was ambushed by humans and synthetics.

The Drone then escaped into a hive located below the base and into the sewer where it navigated through the ground floor and cut the power in the generator room. The Drone then escapes an M577 Armored Personnel Carrier and into the mountains. There, it killed several combat androids and proceed towards a Marine Base. However, the Drone's action did not go unnoticed as a Super Predator watches from above the rocks. The Drone encounters several super predators and their controlled Xenomorphs. After defending its adversaries the Drone ventures a Marine Base where it and several other Drone fought and destroyed a Power Loader.

Berserker Arena

Now ready to fight the Super Predator in the Temple Arena, the Drone battled the Berserker in the Arena. During the fight, the Berserker would sometimes jump out of the fighting area and call upon Super Predator-controlled Xenomorphs to aid him, and then jump back in. After the Drone heavily damaged the Super Predator, the Berserker exited the fighting area and removed his mask, before jumping back in. The Drone eventually defeated the Super Predator and attached a Facehugger to his face, and the Berserker later spawned the only known Berserker-Alien.


  • The Drone is a playable character alongside the Warrior Yautja in AVP: Evolution.
  • This Drone is an example of how deathly loyal the Xenomorphs are to their Queen, as it slew armies of humans, Predators, and its own kin to save the Queen. It may have the highest kill count of any Xenomorph.




  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The caste/life cycle stage of the main playable Alien in AVP: Evolution changes throughout the game's levels' loading screens. However, the Alien is most often depicted as a Drone, appearing as one in the loading screens of Alien Mission 5 - Sewers, Alien Mission 6 - APC Pursuit and (seemingly) Alien Mission 4 - Alien Instrincts. The Alien is thus assumed to canonically be a Drone.


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