"They look like dog-people, only... big."
Lachance, regarding dead dog-aliens

The dog-aliens were a race of aliens first discovered inside one of their ships on LV-178. It is likely that the species might have been wiped out by the Xenomorphs due to the dog-aliens' harvesting of Xenomorph Ovomorphs. Their abandoned ruins indicate the race to be thousands if not millions of years older than that of the human race.

Appearance and Characteristics

Just as their namesake implies, the Dog-aliens were canid in body shape, with quadrupedal stances. Their head shapes, however, were much different than that of dogs. They were also quite large, Karen Sneddon theorizing them to be at least twelve feet in length.


The technology that comprised the Dog-alien spacecraft on LV-178 was rather odd; instead of being mostly technological in composition, the vessel's structure seemed more organic in appearance. It was implied by observations made by Karen Sneddon that the ship was grown biologically rather than built through mechanical means. This implies that the dog-aliens were quite adept in biotechnology.


Virtually nothing is known about the nature, history, and current status of the Dog-aliens other than that they were quite advanced and had been a spacefaring civilization an untold number of millennia prior to humanity's ascension to the stars. At some point, the Dog-aliens came upon Xenomorph XX121 and took an interest in the species, actively breeding them.

The derelict ship on LV-178 apparently acted as a breeding facility to nurse the Xenomorphs prior to its crashing.

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