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Spike the dog
Spike, a dog living at the Fiorina "Fury" 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit.
Biological information


Physical description

4 in - 3 ft


500 grams - 80 kg

Skin color


Other information

Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) are carnivorous and sometimes omnivorous mammals. They have been domesticated by humans.


Dogs are quadrupedal and built for speed. Their tails are relatively short, but very important in communication. The creature's jaws contain specialized teeth, with differentiated incisors, canines and molars enabling them to effectively process the meat of their kill. Through domestication, many different breeds of dogs have been created by humans in a process of selective breeding, varying greatly in size and appearance. Thus dogs become one of the most common and wide spread animals after humans. Some breeds have extremely short tails and jaws, or a short and stubby build that greatly deviates from the original wild dogs, which were slender and strong runners; some breeds have a strong build and a large size, good at both running and fighting.


Dogs are sociable creatures that live in packs in the wild. That generally depends on the breed and/or behaviore; they can be aggressive and harmful if they feel threatened. Domesticated dogs, however, usually tend to bond with their human owner.

Encounters with XenomorphsEdit

Dogs are suitable hosts for Xenomorphs and when implanted with an Xenomorph embryo, the Xenomorph spawned will be a Runner. A Xenomorph that takes quadrupedal traitsm no dorsal spines and has a brown color with a red tint.


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