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Derek Ciejek
Biographical information

Karl Ciejek (grandfather)
Andar Ciejek (cousin)

Physical description




Notable Facts

Contacted the Hish Predators




Derek Ciejek was the sociopathic grandson of Karl Ciejek and cousin of Andar Ciejek.


As a child, Derek enjoyed tormenting insects, particularly by pulling off their legs. In later years, he became a full-blown monster and had taken to raping the servants of his family, usually with no repercussions. However, Andar Ciejek catches him in the act on day and gives him a thrashing for it. The two have never seen eye to eye since that day and after his grandfather dies, Derek tries to remove Andar completely from the picture so the fortune can be his and his alone.

The identity of his father, Karl's second son, is unclear.


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