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Den Beauvais 2008

Den Beauvais.

Denis "Den" Beauvais (born 1962) is a Canadian airbrush artist, painter and comic book artist who has worked on several comic books in Dark Horse Comics' Aliens, Predator and Aliens vs. Predator lines.

Beauvais' cover for issue #1 of the second Aliens comic series won him the prestigious 1990 Eagle Award (the highest ranking award in the industry at the time) for Best Comic Book Cover.


Imminently experienced in the comic book and visual arts field since starting as an artist in 1980, Beauvais has worked on numerous comic book, role playing game, video game, book cover and magazine illustrations and other arts projects throughout his career. A full biography and samples of his work are available on his official site. He also helped design the Hasbro series of Aliens toys.

His other contributions for Dark Horse comics has included work on the company's Star Wars, Timecop and Starship Troopers comics series.

He currently resides in Vancouver, B.C., with his wife.


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Den Beauvais' official website:

Den Beauvais' YouTube profile page, featuring a number of videos of the artist at work creating some of his pieces:

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