The Delilah was a transport shuttle that served to ferry mining personnel between the DSMO Marion and the surface of LV-178. It was one of two shuttles based on the Marion for this purpose, the other being the Samson. It was destroyed in a collision with the Marion, after Xenomorphs killed its crew.


In 2159, the Delilah and its sister ship the Samson were used by the miners on LV-178 in an attempt to escape the planet, after they stumbled upon dormant Xenomorphs deep underground in the mines where they worked. As well sixteen survivors, several Xenomorphs also managed to stow away aboard the Delilah and began attacking the occupants while the shuttle returned to the Marion. During the chaos, one of the miners onboard accidentally incinerated the shuttle's pilot Keech with a plasma torch as she sat at the controls. Now pilot-less and out of control, the Delilah crashed into the Marion's port docking bays, disintegrating on impact and causing severe structural damage to the Marion. As well as all occupants of the Delilah, Captain Jordan and Cornell aboard the Marion were also killed in the collision.