The DefTech 1315 37mm Launcher is an American-made 37mm gas grenade launcher.


The DefTech 1315 was developed from the Smith & Wesson 276 Gas Gun (which is itself based on one of Smith & Wesson's revolvers, with the barrel and cylinder removed and replaced with a large-bore barrel, and a stock affixed to the pistol grip). In fact, the DefTech is essentially the exact same weapon, but fitted with a modern synthetic thumbhole stock, synthetic foregrip and improved iron sights.


In Predator 2, El Scorpio is seen using a two-tone DefTech 1315 to destroy a police car during the opening shootout. A crate of identical DefTech launchers is later seen inside the Colombian Scorpions' armory.


  • In Predator 2, the DefTech 1315 is portrayed as a high explosive grenade launcher. In reality, it is incapable of firing high explosive rounds and can only be used to launch less lethal ammunition (such as tear gas grenades or beanbag rounds).