The Dead Men were an American criminal gang that was active in Neonopolis in 2030. They were led by the Dead Men Triad. The Dead Men were one of a number of gangs that had acquired stolen Yautja technology from Borgia Industries and was using that technology to wage gang warfare on the streets of Neonopolis.

Violent drug addicts, the Dead Men truly lived up to their name, displaying no emotions and living simply to get high and kill all who opposed them.

During one of their daily attacks on civilians, the Dead Men met with Scarface, who returned to the city to retrieve his lost weaponry and reclaim his honor. Dead Men members found themselves becoming Scarface's next prey list after the alien hunter did away with Les Serviteurs. The Yautja quickly got about dispatching the gang members.

The hunter eventually tracked the gang to their secret headquarters in an old church, where they were holding a typically violent music concert. He then destroyed the gang along with their three leaders.

He skinned their bodies and hung them up in the church, as he did with Les Serviteurs gang, moving on to the next part of his mission.