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"We had this synth called Dawn who insisted she was psychic; she could predict the future and tell you exactly what you were thinking in your head. She was right too, ten out of ten times. The lieutenant told us she was playing mind games, that she was using all sorts of fancy reasoning to weird us out; but the Loot knew jack. Dawn was lucky - she radiated 'luck waves' to the entire platoon. While she was with us, no one ever got hurt. The day she was reassigned, everything began to go wrong..."
―PFC Alex Tulae[1]

Dawn was a female synthetic employed by the United States Colonial Marine Corps who thought she was psychic.[1]

According to PFC Alex Tulae, she could predict the future and tell you "exactly what you were thinking in your head." The unit's lieutenant explained this away as a "mind game" - an artifact of the android's mental capacity.[1]



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