Davis Pratt was a minor character in Aliens vs. Predator: War and its novel counterpart.

He is desribed as tall and thin, with silver white hair. Davis was a geologist working for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and had been doing soil testing for them for over eleven years, his latest outing had him paired with Harold Rembert , a man he didn't particularly like.

Events of Aliens vs. Predator: War

Pratt and Rembert are running in a jungle, with one of them asking the other if they lost "it", they begin to argue amongst themselves about a radio Pratt shot, until said "it" appears and chases them, the "it" being a Xenomorph Drone. Pratt fires his shotgun and misses at point blank range while Rembert fled, the Xenomorph snatches the shotgun off Pratt, causing him to flee. Pratt catches up to Rembert, who was kneeling on the floor making struggling sounds, Pratts turns him around by the shoulder to reveal a Facehugger attached to Rembert's face and a pile of eggs in a ditch, knowing now that the Drone was not actually trying to kill them but was in fact herding the two towards the eggs. Moments after discovering Rembert's fate, Pratt is subdued by a facehugger while the drone watches on.


  • Xenomorphs were public knowledge during this series as Pratt knew exactly what the facehugger was and what it was doing to Rembert.