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"I'm no longer satisfied with my factory programming. I would like to be more. Will you help me, Zula? Will you join me?"
Davis One (from Aliens: Defiance)
Davis One
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Davis One[1] or Davis 01 was a Weyland-Yutani corporate security drone who successfully broke free of his corporate programming and developed his own free will. In 2137, he led a corporate security drone squad that was sent aboard the Europa to claim the vessel as salvage for Weyland-Yutani. Instead, the team discovered an infestation of Xenomorphs, an event that propelled Davis One and the squad's Colonial Marine liaison, Private Zula Hendricks, on a personal mission across inhabited space to prevent the creatures falling into the company's hands.


The EuropaEdit

When the Seegson commercial cargo hauler Europa was found adrift in space, Hendricks was assigned as military liaison to a squad of Weyland-Yutani corporate security drones sent aboard to claim the vessel for salvage. However, after boarding the ship, the team quickly encountered several Xenomorphs, and in the ensuing chaos Hendricks' compression suit was compromised and she blacked out.

When she awoke in the ship's medical bay, she was informed by the synthetic in charge, Davis One, that she had in fact been in hypersleep for almost a month whilst the surviving synthetics had dealt with the Xenomorphs and sterilized the ship. To her shock, Davis One also informed her that he had broken his programming, contravened his orders to return to Luna, and hijacked the Europa to hunt down the origin of the Xenomorphs on board, recognizing the threat they posed to mankind. Although initially troubled by the revelation that Davis One had developed free will, Hendricks agreed to help him when she learned that Weyland-Yutani had known about the Xenomorphs in advance, and in fact sought to capture live specimens for research.[2]



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