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Dark Horse Comics issue 1, cover art by Dave Dorman

Dark Horse Comics was a 25-issue color comics anthology series produced by the comic book company of the same name from 1992-1994. It featured numerous Aliens, Predator and Aliens vs. Predator stories throughout its two-year run, alongside stories featuring other Dark Horse properties and characters.

Dark Horse Comics was Dark Horse's second comics anthology series, following its original, flagship black-and-white title Dark Horse Presents, and served as a sister-series with works by many of the same creators or featuring the same characters and titles, only in a color format. (The only other comics anthology to feature A/P/AVP content being Dark Horse's Aliens Magazine in the UK, also in the early 90s.)

The Dark Horse Comics series was originally edited by Jerry Prosser and Diana Schutz (1-4). It was co-edited by Jerry Prosser, Dan Thorsland and Bob Cooper for issue 5, who were joined by Anina Bennett for issue 6-7, and then by Dick Hansom from issue 8-9. Issue 10 was edited by Cooper, Prosser and Hansom. Finally, from issue #11-25, the series settled on the editing team of Randy Stradley and Edward R. Martin III.


Dark Horse proudly presents the newest addition to our winning stable: Dark Horse Comics! This monthly, color anthology will feature some of the hottest properties and creators in the known universe. Some of the storylines presented in the pages of Dark Horse Comics will spin off into their own monthly series. Don't miss placing your bets on this pony -- it's sure to be a winner!

Featured Aliens, Predator, and Aliens vs. Predator storiesEdit

  • Dark Horse Comics #1, Aug. 1992
    • Predator: Rite of Passage (Part 1)
    • Renegade (Part 1) by Chris Claremont and Vince Giarrano, introducing characters and situations used in Claremont's following Aliens vs. Predator series, Aliens/Predator: Deadliest of the Species;
    • Special double-gatefold painted cover featuring the Predator by Dave Dorman
  • Dark Horse Comics #2, Sept. 1992
  • Dark Horse Comics #22, June 1994

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