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Darcy Vance
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Darcy Vance[1] was a bio-engineer scientist who worked with Damon Eddington, Damon desired to create a masterpiece using the sounds of a Xenomorph.


After successfully acquiring an egg, Darcy reveals that they do not have the money to create a clone and so suggested using a live specimen, meaning an actual human being. Damon was naturally reluctant to do that but Micheal Brangwen, another bioengineer, convinced him that there are cults who desire to become hosts. Soon after Ken Petrillo was brought in and impregnated by a facehugger, the resulting Xenomorph being dubbed Mozart. Due to Damon's failing mental state due to his addiction to Xeno-Zip, Darcy was forced to feed Mozart Cats, Dogs and Cows, later even a Panther. Damon still not satisfied and increasing unhinged brought allowed humans brought from the street by Ahiro to be used, this time it was the scientists that objected to the plan but Damon points out it was their idea to use a human in the first place. Ahiro states that the homeless are not any better than the cultists. Later Darcy is almost killed after being knocked out by Damon and forced into Mozart's cage, Mozart recognizes her and gives a moment pause before chasing her, Darcy earlier notes how they cannot be tamed and the best they would give someone that they recognize is a pause. Darcy manages to survive and Mozart itself manages to escape and kills Damon before going on a rampage.


Darcy was a scientist interested in studying Xenomorphs, she didn't seem to hold human life in high regard, or at least that of the cultists as she impassionaly watched Ken being subdued by a facehugger, this is in contrast to Michael who was horrified. Darcy grew quite attached to Mozart, being the one to feed it and study it. Darcy was intelligent and cautious, installing an escape hatch fitted for a human within Mozart's cage, which is what saved her live after being thrown in the cage by a deranged Damon.


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