"This is beyond me."
―Daniel Ripley

Doctor Daniel "Dan" Ripley worked in a suburb in the United States of America on Earth during the 1950s.[1] When Matthew Webber and Lou Ann brought an extraterrestrial life form with a Xenomorph Facehugger attached to his face into Ripley's office, the Chestburster inside him emerged from his chest and escaped into the forest around the suburb.

While the Xenomorph grew into a Queen and began creating a Hive, Ripley and his wife, and his daughter, Alicia Ripley, attempted to flee the suburb in their car, however, they were attacked en route by the Queen. The Xenomorph was killed when the car caught fire and exploded as the family fled to the forest. In the woods, they discovered the Hive, which consisted of Ovomorphs and bikers impregnated by Facehuggers. The family were soon surrounded by an outlaw biker gang and, together, they managed to destroy the Hive. Afterwards, the Ripleys went the house of the mother of Daniel's wife.

Ellen Ripley and Amanda Ripley-McClaren, who both encountered and defeated Xenomorphs (many times, in the case of Ellen), were descendants of Daniel.



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