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Daniel Grant[1] was the multi-billionaire industrialist head and founder of the Grant Corporation, an Earth-based corporation that was prominent in the years following the Alien infestation of Earth, when humanity had reclaimed much/most of the planet from the Aliens and much of human civilization was rebuilt.

The Grant Corporation's pharmaceutical subsidiary, Pharmtech, first developed Xenozip, a synthetic performance and mood enhancing drug based on the secretions of Alien Queens, known popularly as royal jelly.

When dangerous side-effects were found to be exhibited in a percentage of the population when coming into contact with Xenozip, the Grant Corporation launched a joint program with the military to venture back to the Alien homeworld and acquire a new source for the Jelly.

Grant personally lead the mission, which was staffed by both military and scientific personnel.

The disastrous results of the mission had a profound effect on Grant, who vowed to improve upon his formerly self-serving, Machiavellian outlook in business affairs.



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