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Damon Eddington
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Dark Brown

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Notable Facts

Had a pet Warrior Xenomorph
Used Xenomorph Sounds in his music
Hooked on Xeno-Zip




Damon Eddington was a classical music fanatic and amateur composer. He and Michael Brangwen composed the Symphony of Hate, using the earth born Xenomorph Mozart as inspiration.


Damon being dissatisfied with current music, wanted to create what he thought to be the perfect sounds, to this end he went to his boss at Synsound, and requested an Alien be brought to him, after discussing the matter with company's president, Keene arranged for Ahiro and his ninja's to break into MedTech to steal an egg. With the egg procured, all it needed was a clone to incubate it, however, Darcy Vance tells Damon that there is no more funds for a clone use as a host, she then informed him that they would need to use a live human host. Damon was reluctant given the ethical issues of it but one of the Michael told him that there are cultists that would volunteer to be impregnated by a Facehugger.

Shortly after this, a man called Ken Petrillo is brought to him, Damon recognizes him as a former guitarist of some renown but has since fallen on hard times due an addiction to Xeno-Zip. Damon witnesses Ken being subdued by the parasite, while Michael watches on in horror and Darcy with no emotion, Damon notices a vial of Xeno-Zip fall out of Ken's pocket, Damon pockets it.

Damon desires to record the "birthing" sounds, after recording and listening to it, he dubs the Xenomorph, Mozart. In order to get the sounds he desires, Damon has Darcy feed Cats, Dogs, Cows and even a Panther to Mozart, however, Damon is dissatisfied with what he hears and starts to become unhinged from using the Xeno-Zip and eventually has humans brought in to fight Mozart. The scientists object to this, considering it immoral, but Damon retorts that it was their idea to use a live human host for the parasite to incubate in. Driven further mad by both his addiction to Xeno-zip and his unhappiness with his recordings, his behavior becomes more extreme and he attempts to force Darcy to fight Mozart by knocking her out and throwing her in the cage with it. However, she narrowly escapes. Damon growing desperate, opens the cage to use a recorder, believing that Mozart was currently in the tunnels, killing Darcy.

Mozart heard the cage being opened and escaped, killing Damon, and putting an end to his madness.


Damon was initially a somewhat moral man, being reluctant to have someone murdered, only accepting it when told there are cultists who would volunteer, however, after taking Xeno-Zip and his increasing dissatisfaction with the sounds Mozart made, He becomes unhinged, allowing the murder of innocent people and even assaulted Darcy and threw her in Mozart's cage.


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