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Dallas Howard
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20th century, Earth

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One of four known survivors of the Gunnison, Colorado Xenomorph infestation in 2004.



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Steven Pasquale


Dallas Howard returns to Gunnison, Colorado after his time in prison. He is Ricky's older brother and good friends with Sheriff Eddie Morales. He is one of the four survivors of the Gunnision infestation.


When Ricky comes home to find Dallas back from his time in prison he tells him about Dale having attacked him and that his car keys are lost in the sewer. He offers to help Ricky get them back, but only after thoroughly arguing. In the sewers, they manage to find the keys, but not after Ricky sees a newborn Alien chestburster swimming through the sewage. They then hear an Alien hissing at the end of the tunnel, and flee.

When the Aliens attack, he and Morales take the teenagers along with Darcy to a radio store where they find a few more refugees; two clerk owners. He sides with Kelly when she offers an alternative escape plan, and leads her, her daughter Molly, Ricky, Jesse and Drew, while Morales leads Darcy and several others to the army's promised evacuation zone.

After they get through the hospital, Jesse and Drew having been killed and Ricky having been wounded by the Predalien, Dallas uses the Predator's plasma pistol after it got knocked down an elevator shaft and uses it as his own weapon. The group travels to the helicopter on the rooftop's building, but are attacked by a number of Aliens. Escape seems almost impossible, until Dallas manages to blow a hole through the wall with the pistol, allowing them to leave safely.

When the group finally makes it to the helicopter, Dallas stays behind to buy them time. Using the pistol, he kills several Aliens and is almost overpowered. Just when the helicopter is about to take off, the Predator finds him and attempts to take the pistol back. The Predator is then attacked by the Predalien, allowing Dallas to board the copter.

They manage to fly away, but the shockwave from the nuclear explosion causes turbulence, forcing them to crash. Dallas awakes, dazed, to find a group of camouflaged troops surrounding the group, where Dallas finally gives up the gun in return for medical help for Ricky.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Howard was very straight forward about things and very protective of his brother, though he has a criminal past as he served time in prison and was only recently released. It is suggested that he served time for robbery, possibly armed robbery due to his ability to handle fire arms.


Dallas first wields a Winchester model 1200 at the gun shop. Later at the hospital, Dallas uses an M4A1 carbine. Then later, Dallas manages to steal the predator's plasma pistol which he uses for the rest of the film until the ending where it was taken by the special forces.


  • Dallas' name is an obvious reference to Captain Dallas from Alien.
  • He is the third known person to have used a Yautja weapon, the first being Mike Harrigan, and the second was Alexa Woods.
  • During the escape to the helicopter in the hospital, he said "Get to the Chopper" which is Dutch's famous line from Predator.



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