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"Jesus, man... I'm hearing noises everywhere. Every creak and... just hurry the fuck up, will you?"
Turner to Harris (from Alien: Isolation)
D. Turner
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Sevastopol Station


Deceased of December, 2137


D. Turner[1] was a member of the Colonial Marshal Bureau on Sevastopol Station. He formed part of Waits' team who were trying to hunt down and kill the Drone that had been brought aboard Sevastopol by the Anesidora in 2137. He was eventually killed by a drone in the process, shortly before the arrival of The Torrens.

Although he does not feature in the game, a few archive logs can be found from Turner in Alien Isolation including some audio logs and his ID tag. He can be seen working with Waits in the Alien Isolation comic.


After a Xenomorph drone was brought onto Sevastopol Station by Henry Marlow in 2137, Waits and his team in the Colonial Marshal Bureau attempted to hunt down the creature and kill it to protect themselves and the other residents of the station. Eventually their hunt led them to the station's engineering section where they came across two dead bodies and a locked door. Turner began to question their mission, thinking it was a "fool's errand" since they knew nothing about the Xenomorph, including if their weapons would be effective against it. Waits responded by asking Turner if he wanted to just run off like Ross.

As one of Waits' men (Garcia) unlocked the door, the Xenomorph emerged from the other side of the doorway and killed him. Harris attempted rushing towards the creature but was instantly impaled by the creature's tail. Using their firearms, Waits and Turner were able to force back the Xenomorph and lock the door, however the creature climbed through the vents and abducted Turner, leaving Waits by himself.

It is presumed that, like many other residents of Sevastopol, the Xenomorph took Turner into the Reactor Core to form part of the hive, however it is unknown if Amanda stumbles across him while down there.


  • Turner's ID card image is titled "MATTHEWA1", hinting that Turner was portrayed by Matthew Ash - a senior quality assurance technician for Alien: Isolation.




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