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"The Drone develops a cyst-filled acidic froth that is spits on potential hosts. The cysts invade the body through the resultant acid-induced wounds, whereupon they cause tumors that use the host's body to generate nutrients beneficial to transbreed Chestburster development."
AVP:E Bestiary, Drone: Cystic Acid Spittle

Cystic Acid was a Xenomorph ability in the game Aliens versus Predator: Extinction.


Drones were able to be upgraded in such a way that they spat Acidic saliva at their hosts instead of using their claws. The hosts would then grow several internal tumorous that were very advantageous for any Chestburster gestating inside of them. Sans the Praetorian, any Alien emerging from such a host would be tougher than usual, with 100 extra hit points to spare.


  • The Aqua alien has a similarly striped cranium, however it is a natural occurrence without any Drone contribution.


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