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Amanda Ripley holding a Gas Torch.

The Cutting Torch was a blowtorch that, by switching out the canister held in its grip, could be a Gas, Plasma or Ion Torch. Although powerful enough to cut through metal in all its forms, some metal plates required the more powerful Plasma Torch or Ion Torch. Like the ME3 Hand Welder used by the United States Colonial Marine Corps in 2179, the Torch featured a flip-up screen to protect the user's eyes.

In 2137, the Cutting Torch, with a blue Seegson sticker on its grip, was used by residents aboard Sevastopol Station. On December 11, 2137, Amanda Ripley-McClaren acquired all 3 types of Cutting Torches from various locations throughout Sevastopol.

Behind the scenesEdit

Although Alien: Isolation was mainly based on Alien, many details, including the Cutting Torch's design, take inspiration from Aliens — the flip-up screen, as well as the overall shape of the blowtorch, were clearly based on the design of the welder used by the Colonial Marines in the film.



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