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The Hypersleep Chamber is a tube like chamber in which a person is cryogenically frozen (a process commonly known as "Hypersleep"). Due to the human space travel technology, any personal on any starship must be in cryosleep (or hypersleep) to survive the very long trips. It is capable of suspending the body’s autonomic functions while maintaining the health of each individual cell during stasis. When in these Hypersleep Chambers, the users are usually clad in either sleepwear or underwear.

The Hypersleep Chamber manufactured by Weyland Corp is equipped with a Holographic display that communicates with the Prometheus' mainframe to monitor metabolic conditions to suspend cell function. The Hypersleep Chambers can be programmed to initiate, maintain and terminate hypersleep stasis of human crew depending on length of mission and percent FTL travel. Zero-loss lithium ion batteries in a tertiary backup system support the chamber’s function for up to 100 years in case of emergency.


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