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Crucified Title


Crucified is a 2010 motion comic included in the extras section of the DVD and Blu-Ray releases of Predators.


On the Game Preserve Planet, a crucifixion site is being prepared at a hunting camp, with Tracker and his Hell-Hounds setting up a totem. Meanwhile Berserker and Falconer are seen crossing a waterfall and meeting face to face with a rival Yautja. After the ensuing battle, the rival is eventually thrown into the river before tumbling down a waterfall.

Despite surviving, the defeated Predator is later caught in a net set up by Tracker and is soon dragged into the crucifixion site where he is then tortured and nailed to the totem. As the three Super Predators are seen standing before the Crucified Predator in triumph, a caption is shown that reads "the weak fall, the strong reign supreme".


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