The Cracked Tusk Predator is an action figure created by Kenner Products for their Predator toy line, and later redesigned by NECA for the NECA Predator toy line. He was a revered Elder known for mentoring Young Bloods in harsh conditions and environments.

Cracked Tusk later makes an official appearance in the comic Predator: Life and Death as a member (and possible leader) of a tribe of Yautja guarding a Juggernaut derelict on the planet LV-797.


Prior skirmish

On an unknown planet, Cracked Tusk led his clan of Yautja on a hunt for Xenomorphs. They soon discover a hive and lure all fully grown Xenos out of the hive by flushing them out with fire. Young blood Renegade is too eager and begins shooting his Plasmacaster at the horde, with Cracked Tusk stopping him. After a brief wait, Cracked Tusk gives a war cry, announcing that the hunt had begun.

Hunt on Tartarus


Cracked Tusk emerges in front of Herrman.

At some point, Cracked Tusk and his tribe had landed on the planet LV-797 and discovered an Engineer juggernaut. Wanting to uncover the derelict's secrets for themselves, the tribe guarded the ship against any intruders, specifically a Seegson excavation squad wanting to asset-strip the planet from it's original buyer. (Weyland-Yutani).

Due to the suspicion of Seegson activity on the planet, the combat ship Hasdrubal and it's 31 USCM crew were assigned to investigate the planet. The tribe immediately began hunting the trespassers, with the Hive Wars Predator and Cracked Tusk killing three lone marines, Chimo, Garland and Herrman.

A search party is later killed by the Hive Wars Predator, leaving only Rucker alive. After a battle between the two, Rucker manages to severely wound the hunter. As he looks over the dying Predator, Cracked Tusk and multiple other Predators emerge and surround Rucker. As they are about to close in for the kill, Sergeant Roth and his squad manage to catch up and drive the tribe back into the jungle.


Cracked Tusk dives onto the ship.

The marines later realize that the hunters are protecting the massive Engineer derelict that they had recently discovered, and are killing anyone that encounters it.

In a bid to secure the derelict, Captain Paget decides to send Sergeant Roth and his team into one of their dropships to fly over to the Engineer ship and secure the interior whilst Paget's team approaches the vessel by foot, attempting to sweep the forest using M314 Motion Trackers to flush out the hunters.

However, as the dropship passes over the derelict, Cracked Tusk is seen hanging from the juggernaut looking down below at the approaching ship. He suddenly leaps down, landing on the ship and dives his Combistick into it, destroying the stabilizers and causing it to crash. Meanwhile, a group of Predators ambush Paget's squad and a firefight ensues.

Cracked Tusk reaches into the crashed ship's cockpit and pulls out Singer, preparing to kill him. Rucker manages to save him by shooting and wounding the hunter, sending him into a retreat. Roth's squad enters the interior of the vessel, with Singer suggesting that he would be able to get the ship operational and have the ship leave Tartarus and abandon the Predators. Cracked Tusk, unbeknownst to the other marines, was observing them withing the derelict and called for the Predators who were battling Paget's crew to retreat back to the vessel to stop them from lifting it.

Cracked Tusk suddenly ambushes the squad, immediately decapitating a marine and advancing towards, Singer and Roth. Cracked Tusk pins Singer against a sarcophagus-like object and goes in for the kill. Singer manages to dodge, causing Cracked Tusk to plunge his wristblade into the sarcophagus and immobilize himself. Survivor Humble manages to grab hold of a pulse rifle and shoot him point blank, finally killing the Predator.

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