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Corporate security drones

A squad of Davis series corporate security drones.

Corporate security drones are a type of synthetic employed by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation for security operations. Owing to their role, they possess combat programming uncommon to most synthetic models. Visually, they are very basic in appearance, presumably because of their expendable nature, looking similar to the rudimentary Working Joe androids manufactured by Seegson. Unlike Joes, however, they seem to be more intelligent and individualistic, with at least one security droid, Davis One, breaking its programming and gaining its own personality and free will.

Overall they seem to have more in common with combat androids and can even be called as such since they are built for combat as well as security. Although being unable to physically feel pain, their systems are built to correspond to certain injuries and suggest alternative behavior for greater effectiveness, or even retreat from battle if necessary.


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