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A Marine armed with a Combat Knife.

The Combat Knife[1] is a specialized knife designed for combat purposes. Although a limited combat weapon, the Knife was nonetheless valuable when fighting Yautja, and could be used to cut through the net fired by a Yautja Net Gun.[1]


  • In Aliens, Bishop uses a combat knife during a game of five finger fillet involving Private Hudson.
  • In Predator, the members of Dutch's team carry assorted combat blades, most notably Dutch himself, who uses his machete to pin a guerrilla to a pole during the assault on the rebel camp, and Billy, who attempts to face the Jungle Hunter armed only with his large combat knife.
  • In Aliens versus Predator 2, the Combat Knife is standard issue equipment for all Colonial Marines. It is mostly only suited to cutting away debris, but is also useful for silent kills against human opponents, against Chestbursters, and can be used to cut through the net fired by a Yautja Net Gun.
  • In Predators, Royce carries a large machete which he uses to slash off a Hell-Hound's head when the group is first attacked.


  • The Combat Knife in Aliens versus Predator 2 seems to be a cross between a military bayonet and survival knife, due to the bayonet ring and serrated edge.


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