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Sometime after bolstering their ranks with the artificial womb (A.W.) soldiers, the United States Colonial Marine Corps also started to experiment with bolstering their ranks with combat androids, specifically ones that followed the Three Laws of Robotics. Much more cost effective and lower maintenance then their human counterparts these models were seen in action early as 2192. Much more humanistic then previous models, some were known to experience even the most intense human emotions such as falling in love. Still self-aware of their origins, these models were precursors to later advanced models

All of Fox Platoon stationed on The Benedict were synthetics with all except two being destroyed on the retrieval mission in 2192-2193. One was lost during the final stages of the infestation of Earth in late 2193 and the last one was abandoned and was presumed destroyed sometime in the following months.

Known Marine Artificial PersonsEdit

The BenedictEdit

Squad 1Edit

Squads 2-4Edit

(All Destroyed)


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